PS4 is all set to have a new update from Sony, which will have a featured headline of playing on your Windows Pc or Mac. This is not the only feature of the Update but Sony has a bucket of features in its new update of version 3.50 codenamed – Musashi.


There are some unannounced excepted features such as a support for Hard Drives upto 4TB, USB music playback, and managing stores on PlayStation Plus. When you will Update your PS4, you can have these excepted features.

  • Play together button – which will allow you to easily invite people.
  • Notifications for online friend can be turned  on or off on a person to person basis.
  • User scheduled/created events.
  • Improvements to PlayStation Plus.
  • You can now set a party limit of 8 persons which was earlier 2.
  • Pin up of maximum of 3 games at the top of the list.
  • Now there is a search field on the game list now. Earlier you had to use the “global” search option , that return matches for everything (pre-recorded, videos, screenshots).
  • PSN status can be checked now.
  • Live support from Dailymotion on live streaming.
  • Improvements have been made to manage online storage and ability to see friends who play the same games as you.
  • Now you can tag your freinds/other players while sharing the videos, screenshots.
  • You can also share other Peoples activities also.
  • Without swapping your screen you can see the replies of the messages.
  • Now teens of age between 13 to 17 years can create their own account but with limited access to play offline. Earlier they used to have sub account.
  • Now you can take multiple screenshots in a row without the screenshot taking  popup.
  • Easier  to search communities on the basis of language, text and time zone.
  • Remote play on Pc/Mac.

All these features are expected to be present after update of PS4 to version 3.50 . ZiDDLE is not liable for any of the features not present after the updation.

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