A new company known as GamingMonk has set up its roots in the eSports scene of India by organizing their first CS:GO and DotA 2 LAN gaming event at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj in Delhi called the “GamingMonk eSports Championship” on 9th-10th April 2016. With the top tech sponsors by their side, the event had a whooping prize pool of 4 Lakhs+ INR which was divided among these four major competitive games :

1. Counter-Strike : Global Offensive
2. DotA 2
3. FIFA 16
4. Call Of Duty : Black Ops III

According to the feedback provided by the gamers present at the tournament, the Co-Founder Mr. Ashwin Haryani, Mr. Abhay Sharma and his crew members met their expectations to a very large extent and made sure not to leave any unanswered queries.

Here are a few words from their co-founder, Mr. Ashwin Haryani :

GamingMonk eSports Championship (GEC) was our first big scale event as earlier we had done events at cafés & restaurants with a max participation of 400-500 whereas GEC took it all the way up to 1500+ participants. We are commited to grow eSports in India and get india on the map for competetive gaming.

eSports is still at a nascent stage in India but has tremendous potential with talent coming out from all parts of India. We would like to showcase the best of gaming talent from India on a world stage in the near future.


The venue was filled up with zeal with monster thumbs smashing the controllers on one side and rapid clicks of the mouse making a new rythm on the other. In CS:GO, after an intense battle in the semi-finals against team Nuisance, Team BeLike made a come back on the map de_train from 5-13 to 16-13 with Pulkit “RaptoZz” Baldev topping the scoreboard. Three teams qualified for a Round Robin Finals : Team BeLike, Team TTFU and Team Cursed Headshots. Team BeLike stomped the other two teams in their way to victory and finished the event in a dominating style. Here is a picture of the winners :

Team BeLike
Team BeLike (Thunderboy,Raptozz,Genji,Bulls,Colon)

In DotA 2, Team Nuisance (Lobo, Diablo, SKTG, MinowX and Bankai)faced off against Team Jaipur which was led by yet another legend, Tejas “Xeno” Dhankar and after a pretty decent Best of 3 game, Nuisance clung the trophy with a 2-0 deficit in the finals. Nishant “Diablo” Chhabra and Siddhant “Lobo” Mehra were the pioneers in this road to glory. Their teammate, MinowX came all the way from Chennai to Delhi for the love of his team. We wish every gamer of our country shows such immense dedication.
FIFA 16 and COD : Black Ops III attracted quite a lot of gamers and no matter win or lose, they had a smile on their faces as the GEC crew members gave them what they had promised…“The Best Competitive Gaming Environment”.

Team CursedHeadshots
A glimpse of NoStrats Gaming VS Cursed Headshots

The GEC 2016 of Delhi was organized just a week after the EDGE 2016 of Calcutta and we are glad to witness two back to back successful LAN gaming events in India. According to the news provided to us, GamingMonk has a plan to organize such events every three months with the next one probably to occur in the month of May itself so that the doors are never closed for the enthusiastic gamers like us. By doing such they are not only breaking the curse of less gaming events happening around in India but also trying to pave new pathways for the future of Indian eSports.


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