After the huge success of GamingMonk eSports Championship (GEC) 2016 which was organized by GamingMonk on 9th-10th April 2016. The company has just now revealed that they would be organizing their next competitive gaming tournament on 28th-29th May in Delhi (the exact venue has not been told yet) which will be featuring two of the most popular games of the world, and that are none another than the FIFA 16 and COD:Black Ops III. The competition would be taking place on the console so I believe each and every controller smasher out there must bless this event with his presence.
This does not end here yet as GamingMonk would also be organizing two online events from May 6th-20th for Call Of Duty : Black Ops III and FIFA 16 both on the Playstation 4.


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GamingMonk has organized quite a lot events (around 28-30) featuring games like Call Of Duty and FIFA already. One would be glad to hear that most have them have been remarked with a positive feedback and it has witnessed young blood taking on the experienced maestros in achieving their. GamingMonk also has set plans to host PC LAN gaming tournaments of popular multiplayer competitive games like the CS:GO and DotA 2 every three months. Further information has also revealed that their will be event in Mumbai in the month of June as well. So the last event being held in April, one can expect the next event for CS:GO and DotA 2 to be around in the month of July in Delhi…what say? Happy Summer Vacations?

More details regarding this event have not been disclosed yet but as soon as GamingMonk shares it, we at ZiDDLE will make sure to bring it to you as soon as possible and make all the changes accordingly in this post itself.
Not to dishearten or put fear in your minds, but you must know your rivals or so-called Senpais. These are the champions of the GEC 2016(FIFA and COD) :

COD Winners
1st in COD Black Ops III : Ashu Matharu, Amaan Bhatt

FIFA Winner
1st in FIFA 2016 : Sudin Dinesh

Kudos to these men for the dedication of their countless hours of physical and mental manifestation for that one single dream. So will we witness a new Champion this May? Or the King will succeed in defending his throne? Well, we never know what awaits us. So put your gaming gears on, practice even harder and stay tuned as the battle has just began! #ForTheLoveOfGaming #LetsZiddle



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