FPS War – DICE got ahead of Activision.

Its been a week now since the Battlefield 1 Trailer was released and it has already hit 1 million likes while the Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare Trailer released 2 weeks ago has reached 1 million dislikes going on to be the one of the most DISLIKED video. Whereas the Battlefield 1 becomes the most liked trailer ever on youtube. It seems the cod fans will be switching over to battlefield.

Battlefield 1, at the time of publishing, has just over 1,212,000 likes, slotting it just behind Beyonce – Drunk in Love music video. Its also got a positive like:dislike ratio with just over 20,000 negative votes. (The amount may differ over the certain time period.)

On the other hand of the spectrum in more than just name, Infinite Warfare sits at nearly 1,566,000 dislikes. Not only does this make it the most disliked trailer of all time, it makes it the fifth most disliked video in YouTube history. It is ahead of Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” and closing in on “Gangnam Style” by Psy. Again, it is worth noting these numbers may not be 100% accurate.

After this huge dislike on youtube, the CEO of Activision replied and said that even Black Ops 2 Trailer got a large amount of dislikes but later when the game was released, it made the users love it.

You can check out both the trailers below and rate yourself what is the one you gonna buy this summer and have fun of a real FPS game.

Battlefield 1 Trailer –

Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare Trailer –

Well according to youtube in the FPS War it seems this time DICE has won it over Activision. What do you have to say about it ? Feel free to post below.


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