Pokemon Sun/Moon Confirmed Starters


Check out the new Alola Region starter pokemons.

Recently Pokemon Inc. Company released a Trailer on Youtube.com featuring the Alola Region with new starters, confirmed Date as well as a glimpse of the new legendary pokemonsfor the 3DS.

The graphics of the new game seems to be pretty neat and has taken the world of Pokemon to new level.
The three Pokemon are Rowlet, a flying grass type, Litten, a fire type, and Popplio, a water type. See them all in action in the trailer below.
Although some comments on the youtube show how the users are angry with the look of these new Pokemons as according to them “these new Starter pokemons look like a joke” and relate them to Kanto Region pokemons.

You can check the same video and share your review with us.

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