Sometimes it’s more Pokémon Stop than Go.

Just after the release of Pokemon GO. The game is a huge hit, Thanks to its immense popularity and the app still rolling out in new regions worldwide. Pokémon Go has had its share of server issues and server stability. Waves of new users can take its toll on the online-only game, seeing occasional bouts of server downtime and instability that presents users with error messages and crashes.

Pokémon Go problems is that it’s often not working. The mobile game has been plagued by server issues as it rolls out around the world, leaving players trembling in anticipation of catching ’em all.

Thankfully, there’s a ways to check if Pokémon Go is down by looking at its server status on a third-party websites.

The Website is

The site is a very good website for checking the server status of Pokémon Go App Online.

It shows the status of the Pokémon Go servers in every country it’s been officially released in, with the ping times (seconds) shown alongside.


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