pokemon reborn rpg

Pokemon Reborn RPG is a Fan-based Pokemon Mass Multiplayer Role Playing Game. The game is also known as Pokemon Dusk in gaming community.

You might have played Pokemon on Game-boy, when you were young! On this game, you can experience that same feeling through your browser with players and Pokemon trainers all around the globe. Train, trade, and battle with hundreds of users. Compete with other players and fight to be number one.

Joining Pokemon Reborn RPG is just one click away! An online Pokemon RPG.

Link: https://pkmnreborn.com/

Hurry up the game has Bonus promo every week, current promo ETERNAL SUICUNE ends soon.
Join now and help your clan to be at the TOP!


Pokemon Reborn got the 10th position on our yearly ranking in 2016 and 2017 consecutively.


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