On the request of our users, ZIDDLE is uploading the complete source of www.pokemon-vortex.com (Pokémon Vortex v3 – Online Pokémon RPG – Formerly Pokemon Crater).
The source is fully secured and tested by ZIDDLE it contains no virus/malware.

Information –
We received this source from a guy named ‘Abbas’ in March,2017. We would suggest you to use this source as a reference. It has good amount of security flaws.
The current source uploaded contains all the images of pokemons used in the game, all the .php scripts and game layouts.

Instructions –
1) We assume you have little knowledge of Cpanel and Coding.
2) Upload the source of site vortex.tar.7z and extract it.
3) Create a new Database and add a User in it.
4) Now go to phpmyadmin and import the SQL.
5) After uploading, go back to the File Manager. Now edit the file config file and change the field for Database name, username and password.(Detailed instruction about that is present in the file itself)
6) You are done. Now simply go to the Register page and make a new account. To grant yourself admin powers. Go and edit your account in users table in phpmyadmin.

Download Links –
1) vortex.tar.7z [Contains the complete PHP, HTML and CSS Source with Images.]

2) For SQL Contact here!
[Contains the clean SQL Database of the site with no user.]

We hope this post helps you.
The source is provided for Educational Purpose ONLY. You may create a website using it but not for profitable business.

For any other information and help comment below, we would be more than happy to assist you.



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