I used to play Age of Empire 2 back then on Gameranger in 2012 but then college kicks in and I switched to games like CSGO & DOTA after that. The announcement of the release of new Age Of Empires 2: African Kingdoms DLC & Age Of Empires: Definitive Edition got my attention again, I installed the “Voobly Client” and jumped in. But this time the whole meta was changed. I lost many games. So, searching for the new meta and gameplay techs I came across all these wonderful AoE2 Streamers, from last 3 months I have been watching their stream regularly and I really thank them for keeping this game alive.

1) T90 Official

T90 & Dave partnership is awesome. T90 is getting better day by day. I love his casting, community games and of course his storytelling. The T90 wolf, T90 walls, woowoowoo in twitch chat. The love between T90 and Viper in TheViper Challenge and one of the incidences where he is speaking to his girlfriend in bed “I don’t know why you’re making Halberdiers, I’m not making Knights!“. I literally never had so much fun watching someones stream. If you haven’t you should definitely check his Wolf nothing, Forest nothing, Relic nothing games, just waiting for the day when he casts nothing nothing.

Link to his TwitchT90Official
Link to his YoutubeT90Official

2) Spirit of the Law

The concepts of Spirit of the Law’s videos are totally out of the box. He always brings the detailed report of the basic mechanics of the game with statistics. He totally looks like a guy who loves maths. Also the guitar of his intro and his AI vs AI is something you should watch. New to the games doesn’t know about civilizations? Visit spirit of the law for the civilizations overview and become pro.

Link to his Facebook – Spirit Of The Law
Link to his YoutubeSpirit Of The Law

3) TheViper

One of the top player of Aoe2 “TheViper”. He plays for the team TyRanT. His strategies, gameplay, strats and how he predicts the opponents moves make him unchallengeable. TheViper + DauT are also another awesome partnership. DauT sense of humor and trash talks makes him so funny to watch. Also, DauT scout! #nocomments. Had a rough day at work and want to see a professional AoE game, Switch to Vipers channel.

Link to his TwitchTyRanT_TheViper
Link to his YoutubeTheViperAOC – Age of Empires 2

4) Resonance22

Resonance22 has a really friendly manner and engaging way of talking about the game that makes his videos really pleasant to watch. His main goal of the stream seems to be to teach new players how to play the game. His tutorials are informative and a lot helpful to watch. Also, his AoE2 Break the Meta is something new that you should check out.

Link to his TwitchResonance22
Link to his YoutubeResonance22Channel

5) MblAoC

One another top players of Aoe2, He plays for the team Aftermath. I think Mbl is a bit more underrated, his skills and the way he often carries his team is fantastic. So much salt when he started losing, but he’s a cool guy and I like how he talks through the game, discussing how his map looks and how it is affecting his play.

Link to his TwitchMbLAoc
Link to his YoutubeMbLAoc

These are just my top 5 favorite streamers. I even watch the stream of MembTV, DauT, Smarthy, Tatoh etc. If I have missed your favorite Aoe2 Streamer, comment down below to let us know and we’ll definitely check their channel as well.
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