Top 5 favorite Age of Empires 2 Youtubers/Streamers

I used to play Age of Empire 2 back then on Gameranger in 2012 but then college kicks in and I switched to games like CSGO & DOTA after that. The...

Event Report of the GamingMonk eSports Championship 2016

A new company known as "GamingMonk" has set up its roots in the eSports scene of India by organizing their first CS:GO and DotA 2 LAN gaming event at Ambience Mall,...
Dota 2 Spring Update

Upcoming Spring Update of Dota 2

Recently being announced at Dota 2 Reborn official blog, there is a new update upcoming this week known as "The Spring Cleaning 2016". The Winter Compendium will end on the dawn of...
Grand Theft Auto 5

How to Download Grand Theft Auto V for FREE

Recently ZiDDLE got alot of request from our users, to find some ways to free download the so called one of the best game of Rockstar ''Grand Theft Auto 5''. So, our...

Next gaming tournament set to be in May in Delhi!

After the huge success of GamingMonk eSports Championship (GEC) 2016 which was organized by "GamingMonk" on 9th-10th April 2016. The company has just now revealed that they would be organizing their...

Complete Information of Dota 2 hero revealed at TI 6

First the Underlord and then the Monkey King. This is insanse GABEN releasing more Dota 2 heroes. At the International 2016’s Valve have revealed Dota 2’s new hero. The community has been...

Claim Killing Floor for FREE on STEAM

Killing Floor 6-player co-op survival horror at its finest! If you're bored and penniless, you don't need to fear a gaming drought. You can play Killing Floor on Steam without spending a...
FPS war

Battlefield 1 smashed Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare ! – FPS War.

FPS War - DICE got ahead of Activision. Its been a week now since the Battlefield 1 Trailer was released and it has already hit 1 million likes while the Call of...
Steam Summer Sale

Steam Summer Sale Is Now Live

Steam Summer Sale is ON, Hope your Steam wallet is ready. Right on schedule, Mr.Gaben & Valve has launched the annual Summer sale on Steam. It brings discounts on a huge variety...
World of Tanks

World of Tanks – Navi Won Final Prize $150,000

Navi win 7-6 over team Hellraisers. The professional gaming team Navi from Ukraine has taken the first place at World Of Tanks 2016 grand final. The team Navi has crushed there opponent...


“The Phone” by Lalit Ahuja

"The Phone" by Lalit Ahuja “How will I live without my phone?” How will I wake up? I know I’m a grownup But It’s good to have...
Xbox One S Review

Xbox One S – Review

“HE…” by KU